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Twitter Engine development, Twitter Engine developers, Twitter Engine iPhone developersWe offer inexpensive end-to-end iPhone mobile development services across a variety of industry verticals worldwide with complete implementation and support. Making use of cutting-edge development tools, frameworks and libraries such as Twitter Engine and latest development methodologies such as agile and extreme programming facilitates speed up development and decrease time-to-market cycles. A modular approach ensures easy application scalability and seamless integration of new features or third party controls. Whether you want to create a one-time Twitter Engine based iPhone project, find a trustworthy associate for your long-lasting business initiative or hire a dynamic Twitter Engine development team - our experienced Twitter Engine development group is the best match!.

The iPhone is a line of extremely popular, Internet and multimedia-enabled smartphones known for their intuitive multitouch user interface along with a large number of other features and functionality. The iPhone and iPod Touch run an operating system known as iOS (earlier known as iPhone OS). It is derived from Mac OS X and is therefore a robust Unix-like operating system by nature. Essentially there are four abstraction layers: the Core OS layer, the Core Services layer, the Media layer, and the Cocoa Touch layer.

TwitterEngine is an Objective-C class for integrating Twitter support into Cocoa application through the utilization of the Twitter API. TwitterEngine supports regular or secure connections, custom Twitter client information and manages the entire tedious things such as network connections and XML parsing.

TwitterEngine also contains a Read Me providing information on how to employ the class and what kinds of data it returns. It is develop for iPhone through the official SDK from Apple. TwitterEngine also features secure (HTTPS) connections by default and indicates login credentials encoded in the URL instead of in the request headers. The whole API is enclosed, and suitable data is returned as simple native Cocoa objects.

Our expert iPhone developers are adept at all iPhone frameworks like Twitter Engine and open source applications and have large experience in developing iPhone apps based on Twitter Engine. They work as dedicated resources for your project from our state of the art offshore development facility in your prefered time zone. We focus on software outsourcing, IT staffing and staff augmentation services.

In the iPhone domain we provide solutions to a wide array of industries such as Corporate, FMCG, Real Estate, Casino/ Gambling, Construction, Telecommunication, Call Center, Finance etc. Combining numerous iPhone development methodologies such as Iterative, Waterfall, Agile and communication systems such as email, voice chat, IM we can offer our services to businesses across the globe, reliably without any troubles. Pursuing a process driven methodology our iPhone developers are very well versed with all international development standards and iPhone development processes and leverage the most latest project management systems such as Open Workbench , KPlato , Microsoft Project, MantisBT , TaskJuggler and source control and versioning tools inclusive of Mercurial, SVN - Subversion. Our huge exposure to modern iPhone mobile development projects have given us a strong background in third-party integrations such as eWay Payment Gateway, ClickaTell SMS Gateway, Amazon EC2 / S3, Verisign Payment Gateway, PayPal API, OpenSocial API and many more.

We have specialist iPhone development groups consisting of iPhone architects and committed iPhone developers on third-party and open-source iPhone web and mobile frameworks, libraries, components and SDK's such as Cocos2D, Three20, OpenFlow, Chipmunk, DragonFire SDK, Appcelerator Titanium, FontLabel, Bork3D, Twitter Engine, Game Editor. We also offer special services to customize, integrate, install, deploy and implement various commercial and opensource application packages like and others.

We develop and implement various iPhone apps and cross platform mobile apps and solutions in like Mobile SMS Apps, Mobile ERP, Mobile Social Networking, Enterprise Mobile Collaboration, Mobile eCommerce, Mobile Fleet Tracking, Mobile Shopping, Mobile Groupware, Mobile Advertising, Mobile Conferencing.
We specialise in iPhone games developed with modern 3D graphics and iPhone enterprise apps over a service oriented code architecture following modern application design. We provide complete consultancy and integration services to companies over their entire IT software setup across their software systems, web interfaces and mobile devices to support on-demand availability of business-critical data.

Feel free to drop a message to us anytime. One of our representatives should reply back to you within the next 24 hours. Do get in touch with us for any information about our past projects on Twitter Engine, clients, technical skillsets, infrastructure and we will be happy to show you around.

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